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Let's see how you can send your package with Travier ?

Search for a nearby Traveller

Sender can enter details and search for a nearby traveller. Sender selects a Traveller & makes the Payment

Nearby Traveller picks up your Package

Traveller will pickup your package at a common meeting point and start the journey

Traveller will Deliver the Package

Traveller will deliever your package to the Reciever at a common meeting point

Earn as you Travel(Earning Calculator)

Or Carry a Package and Earn as you Travel.

Enter your Travel details

As you enter your details you will be contacted by nearby package senders

Pickup the Package

Pickup the package at a common meeting point and start your Journey

Deliver and Earn

Deliever the package and recieve earned amount in your Wallet



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Here's why you choose Travier

Emergency Packages

Remote Connectivity

Reasonable Prices

Verified Travellers

Live Tracking

Customer Support

Let's talk about our Pro-Travellers

All-time availability

Our Pro-Travellers mainly Car, Cab, Taxi or Bus drivers are available throughout the clock to ensure a smooth sending process


Our Pro-Travellers are fully verified and gurantees maximum trust

Travier Assuarnace

We assure you a fast and guranteed delivery with our premium Pro-Travellers


With experienced Pro-Travellers we offers you a fast delivery experience

No Limits

Send more packages with our star Pro-Travellers


Our Pro-Travellers ensures you a professional and loving experience


Check our Traveller Plans Pricing

Free Plan

INR0 / mo
  • Validity: -
  • Packages: 30
  • Max. weight: 20 Kg
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Starter Plan

INR499 / mo
  • Validity: 1 mo
  • Packages: Unlimited
  • Max. weight: 450 Kg
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Mature Plan

INR799 / 3 mo
  • Validity: 3 mo
  • Packages: 900
  • Max. weight: 1350 Kg
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Professional Plan

INR1399 /6 mo
  • Validity: 6 mo
  • Packages: 1800
  • Max. weight: 2700 Kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

Following commodities are not allowed to be shipped via Traveler: Dangerous Products (Oil-based paint and thinners (flammable liquids), Industrial solvents, Insecticides, garden chemicals (fertilizers, poisons), Lithium batteries, Magnetized materials Machinery (chain saws, outboard engines containing fuel or that have contained fuel), Fuel for camp stoves, lanterns, torches or heating elements, Automobile batteries, Infectious substances, Any compound, liquid or gas that has toxic characteristics, Bleach, Flammable adhesives, Arms and ammunitions, Dry ice (Carbon Dioxide, Solid); Restricted Items (Restricted Drugs, Precious stones, gems and jewellery, Uncrossed (bearer) drafts / cheque, currency and coins, Poison, Firearms, explosives and military equipments, Hazardous and radioactive material, liquor, Any pornographic material, Hazardous chemical items). Note: Apart from the above-mentioned items, all items which are likely to be dangerous, items which are prohibited to carry during Travel, Items which are to be handled with care, Items which are restricted by Indian governments are not allowed for sending or carrying with Travier.

Don't worry, Raise your issue with support section. Our support team will try to assist you.

Travier advices and motivates Traveler to deliver pacakge on time. however, in case of late delivery Travelers are expected to inform the sender or recipient about the situation. For late delivery penalty may be charged from the Traveller as per the condition. In any case write to Us.

In case of traveler forget to take the parcel during travel, Sender will either get returned package at the source or get the parcel to the destination location later on. Sender and Traveler can contact support team to resolve the issue faster. In case of any untoward situation with Traveler. Decision will be taken by support team for the delivery of parcel. Sender and Traveler can contact support team to inform about the same.

Kindly search for the new Traveler for your destination. Your previous amount for the transaction will be refunded in your Travier wallet.

Don't worry, your amount will be refunded in your account after confirmation from bank within 5-7 days. You will be notified from travier.

Traveller must inform each and every senders. Senders may be alloted with new Traveler. Travier allow cancelation before pickup only. However in some special cases cancelation request can be made to Travier admin panel. Cancelation request may be accpeted or rejected by admin panel. In case of cancelation request confirmed by admin panel Traveler has to return the package to sender. Penalty charges may be liable to Traveler or sender.

In such cases , Please conncet customer support or raise issue with support section of app . Your amount will be credited in wallet within 5-7 days.

Raise issue with support section. To get the amount redemmed into your bank account you have to fill the bank account detail in the "Bank Detail" Section of your profile . After bank account getting verified you ahave to request redeem from app. Yur earned amount will be transfer to your bank account within 3-5 working days.

You can check your earning summarry in "My Transaction". In case of any confusion raise issue in support section of the application.

First ensure If you verified your profile. You can do it through "My profile" -- "Bank Account Details" option. Often due to technical problems in Payment Gateway these issue occurs. Please try after sometime. Apart from, It may also be due to the older version of application. To ensure it, kindly update the new version of application.

Travier doesn't differentiate person on the basis of race/religion/caste/creed/language etc. Travier has zero tolerance for this kind of behaviors either from Traveler side or from sender side. Don't worry, Raise your issue with support section. Our team will try to assist you and take actions accordingly.


What they are saying about us

I have used the service, and i must say, Travier saved the day. I was able to send my package to my Hometown Bihar within a Day. Thankyou Travier.

Md. Adil

Operational Manager

What i liked the most is support they are offering. Even if no travellers are appearing in my search, they have ensured my marksheets and papers got delievered to my Home from Delhi to Punjab.

Gurinder Singh


Overall the app interface is very smooth. Great Going Guys.



Mujhe Travier se ab same trip mai extra earning ka mauka mil rha hai. Extra earning ke liye bahut benefit hai.


Cab Driver

I Really have to thankyou guys for sending my package within much lesser time. Now Travier will be my courier app.




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Co-founder | CMD

Marghoob is our Serious guy. He holds a M.Tech in statistics from JMI. He manages the business and overall operations.

Shaswat Mishra

UI/UX Head

Shaswat is our Creative Guy. He holds a B.Sc degree from Kirori Mal College, DU. He heads the UI/UX and Marketing domains.


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