1. Payment and Refund Policy
  2. TRAVIER works with various payment gateway partners and will not be liable for any loss of conversion in payout due to the rate of currency conversion and any fees charge based on the payment partner, such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards or any other payment method employed.

    The Travellers shall perceive an all-inclusive fee to cover their expenses and efforts during the travel.

    This fee is freely fixed between the parties at the moment of the conclusion of the agreement. TRAVIER uses its experience to propose informative usually applied fees. The final shipping charge paid by the Sender shall include the Traveller's fee, commission charged by TRAVIER, payment processing charges and applicable taxes.

    When a Traveller offers and a Sender accepts, then the Sender will be prompted to make the payment of shipping charges to TRAVIER to be held in escrow. If the Traveller cancels the shipping charges are refunded to the Sender. TRAVIER is not liable for any refund charges due to payment processing at this stage onwards. If the Traveller has confirmed successful delivery and if there’s no dispute, TRAVIER will transfer the reimbursement automatically within 7 days. After Sender has acknowledged delivery of the item or product, the Traveller and TRAVIER is not liable for any dispute, damages, or refund for the item and product to the Sender. Traveller and Sender may still settle any disputes privately to come to a settlement. TRAVIER is also not liable to refund any service fee. TRAVIER will assist to the best ability to resolve and mediate any dispute if necessary and the conclusion derived by TRAVIER in such mediations will be final.

  3. Cancellation & Returning Policy
  4. Please refer and adhere to the following guidelines pertaining to customs:

    • Travier doesn’t allow Traveler to cancel the package after the pickup , However due to accident or untoward situation , If the Traveler cancels the Journey after picking up the package then Traveler has to return the package to sender within 48 hours of cancelations and specify the true reason of cancelling. In this case payment will be refunded to Sender by Traveler within 48-72 hours of Cancelation However Sender can’t cancel the sending of package after package has been picked up from him.
    • If Traveler wants to cancel the package before pickup is done then Traveler has to specify the proper reason of cancelation and sender will be refunded the amount in wallet within 24 hours, In this case sender can search for the new Traveler for the same destination If sender wants to cancel the package before pickup is done then Sender has to specify the proper reason of cancelation. Travier will take cancelation charge from the sender for such cancelation. The rest amount will be refunded to the sender's wallet within 24 hours of cancelation.