1. Travier Shipping Model
  2. Our commitment is to build a business model with our own developed mobile application that will create a revolution in the courier services and logistics sector. This means developing a cutting-edge app that will take full advantage of mobile technology, GPS and Traveller. Innovation, secured and end-user appeal are very important to our success. In this concept anyone like cab/ taxi/ truck driver and owners, or any individual, who is travelling can act as courier logistic service and anyone wants to parcel their item can contact the Traveller with the help of this app. Our aim is to expand this business very quickly, and we intend to keep up with the growth in digital literacy and new Smartphone users.

    1. Registered and verified Commuter shares Journey details like Journey destination, Journey date etc. with Travier .
    2. Sender shares shipment details like parcel weight, parcel destination etc. with Travier.
    3. With these details, Travier filter the nearest possible match for commuter and sender.
    4. Travier will help sender to choose between commuters through which they want to send their parcel
    5. Sender will make the payment
    6. Assigned Traveller will pick the parcel from sender.
    7. After Traveller will reach the destination, they will deliver the parcel to the receiver.
    8. Both commuter and sender can give review for each other depending on their experience of using the service.

  3. Shipping Pre-Requisite
    • Traveler shall have the right to open / inspect the consignment at the time of pickup in front of sender.
    • At the time of booking parcels, the Sender will be required to provide a declaration stating the value of the Parcel and the detailed description of materials in the parcel and the same shall be binding on the Traveller.
    • Notwithstanding any other terms and conditions provided herein, it is agreed by the Sender that it shall not book any consignment/goods which are prohibited and restricted in nature and while booking the parcel, the Sender shall confirm with the non-prohibited and non-restricted nature of the parcel. In the event, if the Sender confirms with the non-prohibited and non -restricted nature of the parcel and at a later stage the parcel is found to be prohibited or restricted in nature, then Travier shall at its sole discretion forfeit/dispose off such consignment, return the parcel with cost and a penalty as per its policy with regard to misleading nature of the parcel.
    • Travier will use the Sender / consignee information as shared, to update and inform the Sender / consignee through SMS, and/ or email regarding the delivery status of the product and obtain feedback from the Sender / consignee regarding the said service only so as to improve the customer experience with Travier. Further, Travier or its affiliates may share promotional information or offers regarding the services provided by Travier only at the option of the user and at all times the user shall be in its right to opt out from receiving such information.
    • Senders will be solely liable for the details entered before the time of booking a parcel and will also be required to upload a government approved ID card for the KYC. Travier does not bear any liability for the said information.
    • All shipments are booked by Travier in good faith in respect of the contents thereof. The consignment shall not contain any items or materials which are prohibited/ banned, dangerous, hazardous or considered contraband by any applicable law. In the event of the shipment containing any items or material as aforesaid, the Sender agrees and undertakes to fully indemnify Travier for any loss, damages, costs, expenses, penalties, fines, liability thereof by Travier with regard to the said item or material. Further, Sender agrees to indemnify and hold the Travier harmless for any loss, damages, costs, expenses, penalties, fines, liabilities, of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by Travier due to any acts or omissions, breach of applicable law and/ or customer/ third party claims solely attributable to the Sender.
    • The Sender must inform Traveller before the scheduled pick-up in case of their unavailability at the scheduled time.
    • In case of 3 failed pickup attempts, the pick-up request can be canceled by Traveller.
    • If the receiver refuses delivery or the shipment is deemed to be unacceptable, or it has been undervalued for customs purposes, or if the receiver is not reasonably identified or located or and remain out of contact with Traveler, Travier will make reasonable efforts to return the shipment to the Sender’s address at the Sender’s cost only. If Travier is unable to return the said shipments due to reasons attributable to the Sender alone or due to any reason beyond the control of Travier, the shipment may be released, disposed of by Traveler, without incurring any liability/penalty whatsoever in this regard. Further, Travier will bear no liability for the same towards the Sender or any third party.

  4. Shipping Timeline
  5. Travier usually deliver the package from source to destination in very short period of time. Travier delivery time is lesser than express delivery time of most of the conventional courier services. Travier timelines mainly depends on the mode of travel ones choose for sending the package. If any sender choose air route "traveler" then large distances like (500-3000 KM) range package can be delivered from minimum 5 hours to maximum 24 hours. If any sender choose cab , bus and rail medium "traveler" then for distance upto 100 KM range Travier can deliver the package within 4 hours. Distance greater than (100- 4000) km can take between 5 hour to 96 hours depending on the traveling Time of Travelers and mode of travel they choose.