Travier is a Novel service aggregator bringing the Travel and Courier services together. Travier is an original next-generation service, changing how courier sending and traveling experience happens in our country. Delivering on the mission "for the people, by the people," we are essentially restructuring the already existing structure of connected Courier sending and Traveling processes. Travier relishes upon the essence of INDIANESS, centered on the core cultural belief of Trust, Help, and Reward.

Travier drives growth across numerous platforms, including Android-IoS platforms and Web-Services.

Travier as "Earn on the Way" - You are traveling and want to earn money along your way, Use Travier. It connects you to the nearby people who want to send a courier or any parcel (let it be Someone’s mom's "bessan ke laddu" OR some important document, or anything legal and permitted. Take the parcel, Deliver it, and Get Paid. Of course, along with the cash, you have probably made a new friend.

Travier as "Courier on Fingertips" - You want to send your parcel, Travier connects you to the nearby travelers. They can take your belongings to the destination. It's Cheap-, ts Fast, and It's reliable.

Where Does the Name "Travier" Come From?

Travier has a name derived from the core service it provides through strengthening these two - Travel + Courier. At Travier, we genuinely believe in its literal meaning - "creativity, curiosity, charm, friendliness, cheer and social life, "making these factors which we also. From the very beginning, we felt passionate about reflecting and thrusting upon these meanings.


Ashwani, CEO, and Co-Founder Drives strategic vision and manages the end to end relations. By background, he is an “Electrical Vehicle Researcher”, and recently won the young scientist research award on world forum. More..

Mandhatya, CTO, Co-Founder, leads the tech aspect and is responsible for Travier underlying technology. By background, he is an AI-ML guy having experience in Computer Vision and Document Intelligence domains. More..

Marghoob, CMD, Co-Founder, Leads management and operations at Travier. His passion and experience in the field of data science with high-growth tech companies help ensure that travier continues to provide the most powerful, flexible, and hands-on experience to all of our customers. More..

Ashwani Rana

Co-Founder, CEO

Mandhatya singh

Co-Founder, CTO

Marghoob Usmani

Co-Founder, CMD